Spend More Time in Your Backyard This Summer

Hire deck and fencing contractors in Kelso & Longview, WA

Is your backyard boring and unimpressive? The talented fencing contractors at BLB Contracting Services can turn it around. We will:
  • Install your fence or deck
  • Repair your fence or deck
  • Install safety rails on your deck
  • Install a wheelchair access ramp up to your deck

Reach out to us to get started building the backyard you've always wanted.

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5 reasons we build with cedar

We primarily build fences and decks out of cedar because it's one of the highest-quality materials on the market. Read our top five benefits of cedar wood here:

  1. Cedar is incredibly durable.
  2. Cedar resists bacteria, fungi and insects.
  3. Cedar has a distinct and pleasant scent.
  4. Cedar does not break or crack very easily.
  5. Cedar resists water damage and rot.

Are you ready to beautify your Kelso, Washington home with a brand-new cedar fence or deck? Call360-560-2667 to speak with an expert contractor about your plans.